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Teatro 2014 !

Greetings Teatro fans and supporters! We’ve reached the end of our 31st season and what a time it was! Ricocheting from life-and-death intrigue on Gateway Boulevard (Cause and Effect) to romantic and musical tribulations in an enchanted bakery (Eros and the Itchy Ant), to supernatural mountainside transformations (Marvellous Pilgrims), and uproarious fun-in-a-dinghy on Cape Cod Bay (Whiplash Weekend!), we found ourselves consistently exhilarated, enlightened and eager for more. 

It’s in this spirit therefore, that were thrilled to announce an expanded 2014 Season, which ups our number of productions from four to five, with the help of a provocative new programming twist. There’ll be brand new work and classic revivals, all featuring exuberant casts of Edmonton performers, with vivacious veterans and distinguished newcomers presented in cunning combination. AND, for additional piquancy, historical interest, and emotional import, we’re pleased to announce that the 2014  Season will be our last in the Varscona in it’s present state; following our final production in October, we’ll be relocating to a temporary venue while our beloved Varscona gets a much needed and sweeping overhaul/rebuild. 


Teatro 2014...Let’s Go Barefoot!!

The Jazz Mother (an exquisite Lemoine comedy not seen since ’91) May 29 - June 14

Lucy and Mr. Plate (the long awaited sequel to Citizen Plate)

June 19 - 28

Barefoot in the Park (Neil Simon’s hilarious newlywed hit)

July 10 - 26

The Euphorians (a sparkling new Fringe play by Stewart Lemoine) August 15 - 30

Happy Toes (Teatro vets return for this elegant Lemoine classic)  October 2 - 18

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