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Greetings Teatro fans and supporters! We’ve reached the end of our 32nd season and what a time it was! Our first ever 5-play subscription series broke all records for subscriber sales, and single tickets for most shows were also at an all-time high. We also surpassed our previous record for individual donations by a considerable margin and so to all subscribers and donors we now say 'THANK YOU!!' Thanks for letting us introduce you to that new kind of person they called The Jazz Mother, and for visiting your old friend Ned and his old friend Lucy in Lucy and Mr. Plate. Thanks for weathering the epically whimsical self-made storms of newlyweds Paul and Corie Bratter in Barefoot in the Park. Thanks for spending time with the elegantly questing sextet of The Euphorians, and the bemused philosophers of Happy Toes. With friends like these... and friends like you... well, it seems like we’ve no choice but to do it all again. So we will! And here comes Teatro’s Season 2015! 

As everyone surely knows, the coming year will be an unusual, unpredictable, and exciting one for all the artists at the Varscona. Come February, we’ll be vacating the premises for up to a year, while our beloved building gets a much needed overhaul/rebuild. We’ll be relocating to a newly created temporary venue in the north end of the ATB Financial Arts Barns- so just a short walk from our current location. The intricacies of scheduling in this new venue mean that our line-up of plays for this season is down to four from last year’s five, but we can promise you a full complement of all that’s best about Teatro. There’ll be plays by Stewart Lemoine- both old and new, plus a classic play from the international repertoire, all performed by the artists of the Teatro ensemble, augmented this year by some very welcome newcomers. 

Need a little more encouragement? Well alright, here’s what we can offer so far: 

SHOW # 1 
by Anthony Shaffer May 28- June 13 
A season opener with a difference! Following the success of last season’s Barefoot in the Park, we once again present an internationally renowned classic with a blue chip Teatro cast. Anthony Shaffer’s intricate comic mystery Sleuth hasn’t been seen locally for well over three decades. In this delicious war of wits, a celebrated mystery writer and a flinty young playboy sit down in a country manor house to have a polite conversation about the woman they both profess to love. The escalating confrontations and conflagrations which shortly ensue will have the local constabulary reeling in amazement. Julien Arnold stars as the imperious Andrew Wyke, with Mat Busby as his prey Milo Tindle. There are shocks and surprises galore, and that could hardly be more fitting in a season where we embrace the unexpected. 

SHOW #2 
by Stewart Lemoine June 18- July 4 
Our season of mystery and revelation continues apace with the tantalizing promise of Stewart Lemoine’s only new play for 2015. The title and subject matter may be under wraps, but we can promise you laughs aplenty with a cast led by Jeff Haslam and Rachel Bowron. 

SHOW #3 
by Stewart Lemoine August 14-29 
(at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival) 
Holdover performances- August 25-29 
Further embracing the spirit of questing and embracing what’s new, we present as our 2015 Fringe offering a revival of Stewart Lemoine’s Hey, Countess!, not seen since 2006. In this fleetly paced road trip of a play, a lawyer at loose ends with his own life sets out on a surprise transcontinental quest for consumer justice, accompanied by the unruffled assistant manager of a local multiplex cinema. Andrew MacDonald-Smith is the nobly disenfranchised Nick and Mathew Hulshof the affably stalwart Sam. Original cast members Jana O’Connor and Davina Stewart return to play a veritable whirlwind of women who aid, abet, and occasionally impede the fellas on their quest for enlightenment. 

SHOW #4 
by Stewart Lemoine October 1-17 
Originally written for the Citadel’s Teen Festival of the Arts in 1991, and last presented by Teatro in 2000, Stewart Lemoine’s play is an epic adventure of the Russian revolution which presents extraordinary opportunities for exceptional young performers. It tells the tale of the obscure young Prince Dmitri Romanov-Orsk who, expelled from his palace in 1917, makes his way across the world from Paris to rural Ontario, with the aid of three remarkable sisters. The dynamic young Luc Tellier essays the title role, with Kendra Connor in a tour de force as Anya, Elena, and Sonyetka Lazarev. Six more of Edmonton’s brightest and best young actors complete the cast and help us to bring to life this final chapter in our year-long journey through the enticing pleasures of unknown territory. 

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