So here are the facts. Teatro is a troupe. A theatre troupe. We are the plays of Stewart Lemoine. Our home is the Varscona Theatre in Edmonton, Canada. In 1982 Mr. Lemoine founded Teatro with an intrepid group of colleagues who all shared one great commonality. A sense of ha-ha. That same group of colleagues has grown over the course of over 30 years into one of the most original and dynamic ensembles in Canada; creating a completely unique way of producing not only the comedies of Stewart Lemoine but new plays from our troupe and vintage comedies as well. Each season, which runs from May to October, Teatro produces 5 plays ranging from broad farce and screwball to human and situational comedy, from Lemoine's canon and his new works to new works from our ensemble and vintage comedies from the last mid-century. The key word is COMEDY-  in all its shapes sizes and hues. The other key word at Teatro is language. We love words. Words and dialogue. When you come to one of our shows expect characters to talk to each other. They may say funny things, heartfelt things, or, well, insanely funny things... but there will be stories told through language. For us, that is theatre. Theatre that's a riot of fun!

Teatro Fun Facts!


The Varscona Theatre, 10329 - 83 Avenue, Edmonton AB Canada T6E 2C6 (in the centre of Old Strathcona). The Varscona underwent a $7.5 million rebuild and became our 200 seat home in the late spring of 2016. Look! See! 


Four plays every season from May through October, plus our Christmas show the 2nd week of December, our very own Teatro New Year's Eve, and concerts throughout the year.


Teatro sells over 9000 tickets in the course of a season. 


Stewart Lemoine, founder and resident playwright. His plays make up the backbone of our company. You gotta have a backbone, right?

Leona Brausen, actress and costume designer.... well really Leona was our first star, beloved to audiences and artists alike. She's hilarious.

Davina Stewart, actress, hostess, Teatro leading lady. A great beauty too if we're really going to embarrass her.

Jeff Haslam, actor, writer, sometime director/designer and current artistic producer. In for the larfs.

Julien Arnold, actor extraordinaire. Works everywhere but always comes home.

Cathy Derkach, actress and musician and musical director. Also magnificently funny. Shares a birthday with Jeff Haslam. Actually they were born the same day- same day the same year.

Andrew MacDonald-Smith, a gifted and in-demand actor and writer and idea-man. Insists on hyphens. Only ensemble member taller than Lemoine himself. If you subscribe and donate you may get a letter from him!

Mathew Hulshof, Rachel Bowron and Jenny McKillop are indispensable performers both onstage, in the lobby, and on the phone. Meeting you all and making you feel welcome.

And so many more!! Click or tap the ensemble link and see everyone's faces. Fun!

Teatro La Quindicina is a professional Theatre company working under agreement with Canadian Actors' Equity Association. We are eternally grateful for our subscribers, supporters, generous donors, and especially The Edmonton Arts Council, The City of Edmonton, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Edmonton Community Foundation, and all our colleagues at The Varscona!

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