Live Theatre That's a Riot of Fun!


It’s hard to believe we’re already on the point of beginning our third season in the newly rebuilt Varscona Theatre. Our gorgeously revitalized building feels more like home than ever, both for our ensemble and our subscribers. Audiences have loved watching our adventures on the capacious new Varscona stage, with its expanded depth, breadth, and height finally matching the scope of  the Teatro imagination. Our sumptuous 2018 season sees the revels continue apace with 4 scintillating productions, two of which are world premieres. As usual, all Teatro’s best known players will be out in glamorously full force, with some arresting new faces in the mix as well. It’s a party you don’t want to miss!

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Our season kicks off with an exciting Lemoine premiere with a most intriguing premise. A well-known television personality returns to the house where he spent part of his childhood, only to find himself utterly unable to leave it. This creates havoc for the current owner and occupants, many of whom are not entirely what they at first seem to be. The Finest of Strangers breezily combines elements of romantic comedy with time-bending mystery - and even a hint of a ghost story- and its stellar ensemble features a quintet of Teatro veterans- Jeff Haslam, Leona Brausen, Davina Stewart, Julien Arnold, and Cathy Derkach, plus Mark Bellamy (last seen in Cocktails at Pam’s), Michelle Diaz (Madame President from For the Love of Cynthia) and the company debut of long-time Edmonton actress Patricia Darbasie!

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We always strive to provide our July audiences with something that’s just a bit deluxe, and this season will be no exception as we present Oscar Wilde’s best known comedy, one of the greatest plays in the English language. This epigram-packed tale of mistaken identities (deliberate and accidental) and romantic negotiations (unwitting and premeditated) is replete with the sort of articulate whimsy Teatro audiences adore. Jeff Haslam directs a glittering ensemble of house favourites: Mark Meer and Ron Pederson are Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff, Louise Lambert and Shannon Blanchet are Gwendolen Fairfax and Cecily Cardew, joined by Julien Arnold, Mat Busby, Cathy Derkach, plus Leona Brausen in her sure-to-be riotous first assumption of the role of Lady Bracknell.

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Teatro returns to the Edmonton Fringe with a Lemoine premiere, his first all-new full length offering at the Festival since The Euphorians in 2014. The cast is comprised of four of our shiniest pennies- Rachel Bowron, Patricia Cerra, Mathew Hulshof, and Jenny McKillop- all abundantly well-equipped to flourish in this sizzling demonstration of mind over matter and vivacity over adversity.

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What would a Teatro season be without a madcap screwball comedy? Really, it’s a question that’ll probably never get an answer, and we suspect you’re fine with that. Not seen since 2003, this Lemoine caper is set in the world of magazine publishing in 1950s Manhattan. A famous literary hoax begets a further series of deceptions, misunderstandings, and outright lies, until things come to a head in the smallest hotel room in New York. Andrew MacDonald-Smith presides as the chief provocateur in a cast which also includes Kendra Connor, Andrea House, Paula Humby, Louise Lambert, and Ron Pederson.