A Likely Story

by Stewart Lemoine

June 6-22

Our subscription series kicks off with Lemoine’s only brand new work for the season. Temporarily stranded in a pleasant alpine location, five would-be travellers find themselves increasingly fascinated by one another. Worries and preoccupations go by the wayside as these new friends joyously explode and reimagine their expected trajectories with trademark Teatro pith and brio. The vivacious and intrepid quintet of adventurers includes Rachel Bowron, Mathew Hulshof, Jenny McKillop, Vincent Forcier, and Jeff Haslam.


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The Bad Seed

by Maxwell Anderson

July 11-27

It’s been thirty years since Teatro last presented Maxwell Anderson’s cunning psychological thriller, based on the sensational novel by William March.

When 8-year-old Rhoda Penmark’s rival for the school penmanship medal dies under mysterious circumstances, a web of family secrets begins to unravel, leading Rhoda’s mother inexorably toward some chilling suspicions about her child. Our biggest cast of the season features Mark Bellamy, Mat Busby, Cathy Derkach, Kristi Hansen, Jeff Haslam, Andrea House, and in their company debuts, Nicola Elbro as Christine Penmark and Lilla Solymos (most recently seen in the title role of the Citadel’s Matilda) as the terrifying Rhoda.


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A Momentary Lapse

by Jocelyn Ahlf and Stewart Lemoine

August 16-31

Not seen since 2005, this first collaboration between Ahlf and Lemoine (whose other collaborations include The Hoof and Mouth Advantage and Angels on Horseback) is the chronicle of two hapless citizens on a hilarious and inexorable shared journey toward a shared breach of the criminal code. In this revival co-writer Jocelyn Ahlf takes on the role of over‑achieving Louise Trent, joined by Luc Tellier as the over-objecting Arthur Pomeroy and Mathew Hulshof as their multi-faceted nemesis The Law.

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by Stewart Lemoine

September 26-October 12

It’s a sleek chic close to the season as we revisit this vivacious contemporary spin on the classic screwball form, last performed by Teatro in 2002. Haberdashery, industrial espionage, and the finest of onions… All figure prominently in this ricochet romp, which ratchets things up further with three identical briefcases and a scintillating cast led by Belinda Cornish and Andrew MacDonald‑Smith.

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